Trifecta Performance

Trifecta Performance

We've Mastered the Performing Arts!

Effortless Steering, Increased Stability, Enhanced Fuel Efficiency & Tighter Turn Radius

Breathtaking performance is yours thanks to our heavy-duty chassis and design. Longer 52” nose cones help increase speed, hydrodynamics, fuel consumption and riding comfort. Our lifting strakes are placed on the inside of the outer tubes to promote quicker planing, better maneuverability and a tighter turning radius. Effortless steering, increased stability and enhanced fuel efficiency are also benefits. The roll-formed aluminum underdeck performance skin manages water and airflow as well, providing unparalleled agility, durability and performance.

Performance Package Options

2.0 Performance Package

  • Aluminum Underdeck Performance Skin
  • 27 Gallon Fuel Tank

2.75 Performance Package

  • Aluminum Underdeck Performance Skin
  • Lifting Strakes on Inside of Outer Tubes
  • Seastar® Hydraulic Steering
  • 27 Gallon Fuel Tank

3.0 Performance Package

  • Aluminum Underdeck Performance Skin
  • Lifting Strakes on the Center Tube and Inside of Outer Tubes
  • Seastar® Hydraulic Steering
  • Full Center Tube (25")
  • 37 Gallon Fuel Tank

3.0+ Performance Package

  • Aluminum Underdeck Performance Skin
  • Lifting Strakes on the Center Tube and Inside of Outer Tubes
  • Seastar® Hydraulic Steering
  • Full Center Tube (25")
  • 47 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Sport Ski Tow
  • "Pad" Running Surface
  • Power Assist Steering Pump

Performance Done Right

At Trifecta we didn't invent precision, we didn't invent power and we didn't invent performance. We just put them together better than anyone else.

Superior Construction

1) Splash Fins Heavy-duty and welded.

2) Spray Rail They're longer and stronger.

3) Performance Skin Roll formed for better water and air flow to maximize performance and efficiency.

4) Bulk Head Strategically placed bulkheads at vital points in the pontoon provide superior structural integrity.

5) PAD Running Surface There's more on purpose!

6) Lifting Strake Quicker planing for additional maneuverability and smooth ride.

7) Pressurized Pontoon Tubes More Strength, holds shape for quieter and smoother ride.

8) Nose Cone 52" nose cone rather than 48" industry standard increases speed and reduces fuel consumption.

Dare to Compare

We're confident you will not find a better product.

At Trifecta we understand the importance of quality construction and realize the vision and the dreams of our customers. We have gone to great lengths to develop trusting and creative relationships for the long-term. Our principles are based on integrity, attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. Our mission is to provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment on the water. Through these principles we ensure that we provide our customers with superior service and craftsmanship. Perhaps you should look no further than our long list of satisfied customers, that more than anything is the most telling testimony to Trifecta's success.

Pressurized Chambers

Air pressurized chambered tube construction, strengthens inner walls of pontoons. NO LEAKS!

3.0+ Chassis with in-floor storage (19″ x 79″)

3.0+ Chassis with in-floor storage (19" x 79")

Full-Length Riser

Structural full length continuous riser

Full Exterior Panels

Full exterior rail panels

Aluminum Alloy

High quality aluminum alloy material and welds.

Nose Cone

Nose Cone w/ Protective Keel - Industry standard has 48" nose cone. We have engineered a longer 52" nose cone to enhance the speed, reduce gas consumption and provide a more comfortable ride.

Bimini Top Frame

Bimini Top Frame w/ trailering brackets

Quick Release

Stainless steel bimini quick release attachments (Ultra/STS Series)

Waterproof Wiring

"Deutsch" waterproof electrical wiring/harness(es)

Fiberglass Console

Helm with push button Murphy guage.

GPS Speedometer/Fish Finder

GPS speedometer & fish/depth sounder. More accurate than traditional speedometers.

Comfortabe Seating

Soft Touch furniture, high performance seat foam offers superior durability, greater long lasting comfort and ample storage. Rotational molded one-piece seat base and back construction.

Mercury Behind You, The World Before You.

Trifecta Pontoon is proud to recommend Mercury FourStroke outboard power. Whether you use your boat to pull skiers, wakeboarders or tubers, cruise from destination to destination or just explore the water, Mercury outboards—designed with the industry's most innovative technologies—provide proven, reliable power, time and again. So relax and have fun.

Mercury Power
250-300HP Pro FourStroke
250-300HP Pro FourStroke
  • Verado®'s supercharged system provides world-class torque.
  • SmartCraft® Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) delivers automotive-like control, instant response and smooth shifting.
  • Advanced Mid-Section (AMS) eliminates engine-related boat vibration.

150HP FourStroke
150HP FourStroke
  • The highest displacement in its class. Works less to produce more torque, delivering the best in performance and efficiency.
  • A reliable low-friction valve train and exclusive oil cooler enhances performance and extends the life of the engine.
  • Twin balancer shafts and the focused mount system reduces overall vibration, delivering smooth performance.

90-115HP FourStroke
90-115HP FourStroke
  • The 2.1 liter block provides optimum performance and the best mid-range fuel economy.
  • Command Thrust gearcase offers superior maneuverability.
  • Focused mount design delivers smooth overall operation.

40-60HP Command Thrust FourStroke
40-60HP Command Thrust FourStroke
  • Gearcase provides better performance and efficiency.
  • Propellers provide more power and acceleration.
  • Low gear ratio provides superior maneuverability.

Enertia® Propeller
Enertia® Propeller
  • Three-blade stainless steel propeller.
  • Improves acceleration and top speed.
  • Perfect for 150HP and above.

Spitfire® Pontoon Propeller
Spitfire® Pontoon Propeller
  • Four-blade aluminum propeller.
  • Tenacious grip in turns.
  • Perfect for 25-115HP.